Mother's Day Windowsill Planter

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Order the perfect gift for Mother's Day! These beautiful windowsill planters by Ros O'Brien Ceramics filled with plants from The Plant House make a wonderful gift of art and nature for any special person in your life. Just under 8" long, just under 3" wide and 4" tall. 

Choose either Direct Sunlight plants or Indirect Sunlight plants (see below) in your choice of planter. Actual plants will vary depending on availability.

Please allow 3 weeks for pre-ordered planters to be completed. Be sure to order by April 18th for Mother's Day gifts. 

Direct Sunlight: Direct sun rays for several hours each day (no obstructions from outdoor trees, curtains, etc)

Indirect Sunlight: Bright natural light but without intense sun rays directly touching (most indirect light plants can handle a little bit of early morning gentle direct sun) 

**Leave a note at checkout if pet friendly plants need to be used**