"A Year of Growing" Monthly Plant Subscription

"A Year of Growing" Monthly Plant Subscription

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Enjoy "A Year of Growing" with The Plant House! Our monthly plant subscription will bring you or a loved one a bit of botanical happiness every month for a year! Your subscription will include specially selected indoor plants in nursery pots of 4" and 6" diameter. A new plant will arrive during the first week of each month for a total of 12 months. (On colder days, we'll be in contact to make sure someone is at the residence to receive the delivery) 

Cost includes delivery to addresses within the City of Harrisonburg, VA.

Choose the "General" Collection" or "Pet-Friendly" Collection.

Leave contact information for the recipient (full name, phone number, email address and Harrisonburg address in the message box at checkout as well as your name and your preferred method of contact, if different. 

Gifting a subscription? We'll provide a card in a giftable bag with information regarding their new subscription or, if you prefer, we'll send an electronic card to you or directly to them!

If at any time you choose to cancel your subscription, a refund will be provided for any remaining months in your plan.

The Plant House reserves the right to change the week of delivery if necessary.