Our Story

Hello friends! My name is Kari and I am the proud owner of The Plant House, LLC in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  My first experience taking care of indoor plants was over 30 years ago with a beautiful large Boston fern that my mother would tell me to go mist whenever I complained of being bored. I loved that fern! And I was developing an appreciation for nurturing plant life (and making that fern really happy). My love for indoor plants has resurfaced and grown to the point of wanting to share the joy with everyone else! We know that surrounding ourselves with nature can bring a sense of peace and calm and a healthier focus on life. We can't be outside ALL of the time, so bringing natural life indoors is the perfect way to find a bit of that same escape to nature and add freshness and beauty to our inside environments, too. I want to help others find true gratification with learning about plants, caring for them and watching them grow. I want others to benefit from the therapeutic effects that indoor plants can offer. Join me in discovering the magic and complexity in the simple act of witnessing new leaves emerge on a plant you have nurtured and see if you can stop at just one plant! I now have over 50 in my personal collection and many more in The Plant House just for you!