Our Difference

Several of our plants are propagated here at The Plant House, and many come from reputable greenhouses and nurseries here in Virginia. Most are hand-selected on site. When they arrive at The Plant House they are thoroughly inspected and given TLC until they leave to go to their new home. It is stressful for plants to leave the environment of a large greenhouse, get settled in a new location and then get settled again in our customers' homes and work spaces. We do our best to make this transition as smooth as possible, but be patient while your plant gets acclimated to your space and you get used to meeting it's needs. Visit our "Find your Plant" pages to learn more about caring for your specific plant. That info along with your love will help your new plant be happy and healthy!

We re-use as many plastic pots as possible for propagations and divisions and it is our hope to soon source our plants from companies that embrace the need for using environmentally friendly pots. Far from perfect but making efforts to be responsible, we use water from our rain barrel when possible and reuse almost all packaging materials.

To make gift-giving a joyful experience for the giver and receiver, when you place an order as a gift (sure you can gift one to yourself!), consider purchasing a decorative container (check size recommendations) and we can pot it for you. Add a gift message in the special notes box at checkout. If your recipient is located within our Harrisonburg zone, we'll even deliver it right to their door!

We have an awesome partnership with GiddyUp! Courier, a Harrisonburg bike delivery service. Right now we're a local business offering local delivery, but maybe one day soon we'll expand to make shipments. If you choose to have your plant delivered, it may arrive by bike through courier service but large orders may need to be delivered by car. Plants delivered by bike are well-packaged and secured for a safe ride. Orders can also be picked up in person. We're located within a mile of downtown Harrisonburg- just send an email or DM or give us a call to coordinate a pick-up time and we'll give you directions to The Plant House. Happy shopping!