Caring for your Venus Fly Trap

  • Venus Fly Traps need lots of bright, direct light. Place it in your most sunny window. They can be outside during the warmer months.
  • Water when the moss on top gets dry. Use rain water or distilled water. Do not let the pot sit in water as this can rot the rhizome.
  • Likes a cooler temperature (around 45 degrees) during the winter so it can go dormant. No need to feed during dormancy.
  • Venus Fly Traps are acclimated to growing in poor soil and they do well growing in moss with no nutrients.
  • If indoors, feed only one or two “mouths” just once a week with an insect that is less than half the size of the trap. A live bug will trigger the trap to close and then seal. If feeding a dead bug, once the trap is closed, softly rub the hairs or gently press the sides of the trap to encourage it to seal. Worms, spiders, and ants are all good meals! When outside, it will catch it’s own prey
  • Grows best in a glazed ceramic or plastic pot.
  • Never needs fertilizer.
  • Non-toxic