Caring for your Staghorn Fern

  • These unique ferns are epiphytes and in their natural setting they grow on trees. Young Staghorns are fine in a pot growing upwards, but as it matures it’s really wonderful to mount it to a board or other structure and let it grow outward as a beautiful wall decoration.
  • Staghorns will thrive in bright, indirect sunlight. Some direct morning light will be ok, but keep it out of intense direct sun.
  • Water thoroughly when the potting mix (or if mounted, the sphagnum moss) gets dry. If mounted, place the entire structure in a sink or tub and pour water over the moss until saturated or you can allow it to soak.
  • Staghorns are sensitive to being watered too frequently.
  • Fertilize lightly while the plant is actively growing.
  • Watch for the neat shield frond to grow in a round shape to protect the roots. They start out green and then turn brown. Do not remove the shield frond even when it turns brown.
  • Pet friendly!