Caring for your Cactus

  • Place your cactus where it will receive several hours of bright sunlight every day. Your cactus will do best in direct sun but you may need to give it time to adjust so it doesn’t scorch.
  • Allow the potting mix to dry completely between thorough waterings There’s no need to rush to water as soon as it’s dry.
  • Watering spring through fall (growing season): about once every 2 weeks depending on how much sun it receives. Water very sparingly during the winter (maybe only once or twice for the entire season).
  • Remove excess water from the saucer after watering.
  • Fertilize lightly spring through fall.
  • Most cacti are not toxic to pets and most pets will steer clear of them anyway, but the Pencil Cactus is toxic. The Crown of Thorns is a cactus-like plant in the euphorbia family which is considered toxic to pets.