Caring for your Bear's Paw Succulent

  • Give this succulent lots of bright sunlight. Some direct sun is great but not too much if it’s intense. Morning sun is best if direct.
  • Allow the potting mix to dry completely between waterings. Bear’s Paw is sensitive to overwatering so be careful not to water too frequently.
  • Remove any excess water from the saucer after watering.
  • Water very sparingly during the winter.
  • The fuzzy leaves are irresistible but they are very fragile and fall off easily so be careful when petting the paws!
  • Fertilize once in spring and once during the summer with an all-purpose organic indoor fertilizer or use a very diluted liquid fertilizer each time you water spring through summer. You can also use one specifically designed for succulents.
  • Could be mildly toxic to pets.