Caring for your Alocasia Frydek


  • Provide bright but indirect sunlight. A little direct morning sun will be okay especially if your Alocasia is set back from the window a bit- intense direct sun can burn the leaves.
  • Water before the potting mix is completely dry. We recommend bottom watering (see General Care).
  • Remove any excess water from the saucer after watering.
  • Alocasias are fairly sensitive to changes in their environment. They tend to droop when stressed but they will bounce back if you're attentive to their needs.
  • Alocasias love humidity and will appreciate being near a small diffuser or humidifier if your air is dry.
  • Plan to water less during the winter.
  • Fertilize once in spring and once during the summer with an all-purpose organic indoor powder fertilizer or use a liquid fertilizer each time you water spring through summer.
  • Not pet safe.